What is a Brand Playable?

A Brand Playable is simply an interactive game! It’s a new way to engage consumers in a fun way, and guess what? It works! While static, interstitials, and watching a video can be passive, playables allow users to enjoy the experience of interacting with a game. Further, a reward or prize can also be offered at the end of the experience. The purpose of a reward is to give an immediate incentive to the customer and convert them into a buyer. We’ve created engaging playables for major global brands such as Coach, Amazon, and Marvel. Taking a quiz for a brand to educate consumers about their product, a matching game that leads to an e-commerce website or even a game that promotes a movie launch to order the movie tickets. Simple, yet, engaging and building brand awareness at the same time!

You ask, what do the metrics look like? We answer they are impressive! Our Halloween Dunkin’ Donut Pop game had over 3 minutes of average time spent, the highest ever on Snapchat and our Invisalign game saw over 15% users taking the “smile quiz” at the end of the game. Playables are proven to be effective at building awareness, conversion, and retention with consumers. What an amazing way for brands to have users enjoy the game and at the same time build a strong emotional connection with their brand!