Quest supports Google HTML5 Playable format

You can now export your project in Google HTML5 format automatically from Quest. Simply go to your Project Settings* tab and click the Download button in the Google Playable section. This works for all of your existing projects and of course for any new projects. How cool is that?

One important thing you need to review in your project to make sure it works for Google spec is the file size. Since Google requires your files to be a maximum of 1MB zipped, you need to ensure that your asset files are scaled appropriately to be less than 1MB. Quest takes care of all of the other Google requirements automatically for you.

The Google HTML5 format joins a growing list of publisher formats supported by Quest including Facebook/Instagram and MRAID formats. So, you can build once and export in any format you need – automatically.

Like to learn more? Drop a line to to setup a demo. Or setup your own free account and check it out yourself.