Quest 3.0 – More support for more tools of your choice

As I mentioned in our launch announcement, our goal at Quest is to empower designers and creators to build launch-ready experiences – not just prototypes. Moreover, we want designers to continue using their tools of choice and the workflow that they are comfortable with. So, I’m excited to announce our Quest 3.0 that features expanded support for Photoshop and newly added support for GIMP.

With the largest global install base, Photoshop is a big favorite among designers and creatives globally. Until now, Photoshop users had to follow a set of guidelines to structure their PSDs before uploading to Quest. With release 3.0, we’ve removed all such restrictions. Designers can setup their PSDs any way they want or simply use any existing PSD as is. When they upload the PSD to Quest, our algorithms will smartly figure out the design intent and the content in the PSD. With just the click of a button, Quest converts the design into pixel-perfect, launch-ready UI. See for yourself – grab any PSD you have and upload into Quest. Try for free.

In Quest 3.0, we’ve added support for GIMP design documents. As you may know, GIMP is a free and open-source graphics editor. As our goal is to enable everyone to build interactive experiences easily – whether they’re professional designers or not, we wanted to support the free GIMP product available to everyone. As with PSD, simply upload your GIMP .XCF document into Quest, and you get launch-ready UI instantly.

We intend to continue adding support for other popular tools as well. Let us know what your favorite tools are that you want us to support and we’ll add them to our roadmap. You can leave a comment in our Medium page or simply tweet us @madewithQuestAI.

Happy creating!