Incorporating Brand Actions into the Gamified Experience

Brand Playables are gamified ads that are fun, engaging and interactive!  Playables are able to take momentum on both acquiring high-quality users and scaling campaign performance. It’s key to build a gamified experience that is not only engaging and fun but has the “right” amount of messaging. The consumer should not feel overpowered by a lot of “branding” but rather foster an emotional and positive brand association. One way to do that is to have the ‘action’ be part of the messaging in the game. This will showcase the brand and at the same time building brand awareness. For example, in the Invisalign playable, the user receives a ‘power-up’ that gives  2X points and a brief message about the product. Since the pop-up is only displayed for a short time, the user does not feel overwhelmed by the experience. This in-context, helpful brand action takes it to the next level of building awareness for the product. Power-up points can be incorporated in various levels of the game which led to an overall awesome experience for the user! Most importantly, we saw a conversion goal of 20% for users to take the Smile Quiz at the end of the gameplay — this is an order of magnitude higher compared to what is typically seen.

Invisalign - Soccer

Another example of branded action was the Black Panther game for Synchrony Bank. The team really had to get creative since we had two very different brands wanting to achieve different goals. In this playable, the overall goal was to build awareness for the Black Panther movie release and at the same time, Synchrony Bank wanted users to convert users to sign up for an array of services they offer. We incorporated power-ups (image below) that felt organic and at the same time built awareness for both Marvel and Synchrony Bank, which ultimately led us to accomplish the overall goals for each of the brands that we had set out to achieve.

Synchrony Bank - Black Panther

When building such fun playables, put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and don’t inundate the experience with branding which can be annoying and confusing to the user. Instead, make the messaging simple and let the playable be fun and impactful!