How-to easily add your Phaser 3 Quest game to Kongregate

How-to add your Quest AI game to Kongregate


Kongregate is one of the best places to play and publish online games. It’s an easy place to get your game in front of thousands of players once you’ve made and published it on Quest. Because Quest runs on the Phaser 3 engine, you’re basically guaranteed that it will play at a buttery smooth frame rate in Kongregate. It’s also something that won’t take you but 10 minutes to do so you have no excuse.


Step 1: Find your URL

Once you’ve set everything up, added game logic in the code editor and play tested your game in Quest, you simply need to copy the URL of the published page. You can get to the published project by pressing the rocket icon at the top of course or by pressing the arrow in the “Actions” column on the projects page itself. Copy this URL in link for this page as we’ll be using it in an iFrame in Kongregate.


Step 2: Upload your game

Assuming you’ve already signed up with Kongregate (if not, do so), go to the “Dev” tab and then click on the “Upload Your Game” button on the left.

From here, you can name your game and give some details about it before moving on to the next “Upload” step. When you click “Continue” you’ll have several options for game format but the one we’ll want to choose is “iFrame”.

From here, you’ll just need to know the URL (from step 1) and the dimensions you want to set as the minimum values. Check the checkboxes towards the bottom and if you want to ignore the rest you can move forward just to see how it looks on the site by pressing “Upload iFrame” at the bottom of the page. It will process and then you’ll be taken to a new page where you can test your Quest game as it will appear to players on Kongregate. Easy right?


Step 3: Promote

We’d suggest filling in all details while uploading such as tags, adding game icon and screenshots, giving the game a good description to entice new players, etc. This will help new players find you and also get them more interested in playing. Getting promoted on the homepage is based on ratings by players so keep that in mind as they claim you need a 3.75 rating. For more details check out their Docs here.