Empowering Designers through AI

At Quest AI, we believe in empowering designers in three ways – 1) expanding their capabilities beyond what they can do today, 2) increasing their productivity by automating tedious, time-consuming tasks, and 3) providing insights and recommendations based on real data to improve their designs.

A big challenge that designers face today is having to rely on engineers to bring their vision to life. Even though software is eating the world, software development continues to be a tedious, iterative and error-prone process. It requires specialized skillsets that are hard to find and hire, especially for non-tech companies. A designer’s vision can only soar as high as the engineering resource availability. Not anymore.

Quest AI automatically converts design documents into pixel-perfect, launch-ready experiences. In addition, designers can add timelines-based interactions, add animations, video and audio, and build rich and immersive experiences without writing any code. Designers are no longer just restricted to designing. They can now get their vision into the hands of their users easily using Quest AI.

Another challenge designers face is to ensure that their designs are highly performant – they deliver the best-looking experience in as small a file size as possible. Quest AI solves this by intelligently scaling image layers depending on their relative importance to the overall experience. This frees designers to work at the highest resolution they want and not go through the painful process of scaling elements down to meet any file size restrictions.

With these innovations, designers can launch 10 times faster with fewer engineering resources. Learn more at https://quest.ai. You can sign-up for free and try them out for yourself. 

We’re just getting started. We have a roadmap full of items that empower designers to do more easily. So, stay tuned by following us on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!