We were at Adobe MAX, CMS, new website & more

Is it November already? While we have you here, we’re always looking for more feedback about how you use the product. Are you using it regularly? What features do you love? What do you think is missing? Let’s chat! Email us or hit up our slack channel. Thank you. You rock!

We’re just getting settled from our time at Adobe MAX where we were apart of the Emerging Technologies sponsors. Adobe MAX was a real treat for us to get first hand feedback from designers and companies that were completely floored by what we’re building. Hearing all the positive feedback and encouragement really makes all the late working nights worth it.

Check out some of our photos from our booth and the show below. 

We’ve also just launched the ability to read and write with CMS. Tutorials up now. You can now read data from a Google Sheet and replace any text or images you have in your project. Also, you can setup input fields and we’ll grab them all and create a database so it’s an easy way to get data from your customers and track the details. Even export to .CSV files for later.

We’ve also just launched our new website (if you haven’t already seen it). We’d love to get some feedback and see what you think:

Team Quest

At the take over of Staples Center
Featured as an Emerging Technology Sponsor
Our Booth
Quest was featured in the Adobe Keynote